Citizen Services:--> 4(2)(b) Permission for Theatres

Introduction :
This permission is issued to all the theatres enabling them to pay entertainment tax to the Govt.

A) Under what Act/Rules/Govt. Orders the Permission is issued :
As per Section 4(2)(b) of Bombay Entertainment Duty Act,1923

B) Which office to contact :
Dy. Collector (Entertainment Duty), 3rd floor,Old Custom House S.B.Rd., Mumbai 400001
Tel. No. : 22660385

C) How to apply :

  1. The applicant is expected to apply for 4(2) (b) licence by 15th of December of every year for renewal - Fresh application can be made on any working day.
  2. The application should be affixed with Rs.5.00 Court fee Stamp.
  3. He should not be a defaulter in payment of entertainment duty.

D) What documents to attach along with the application :
N.O.C. from

E) Where to submit the application :
Collector of Mumbai City, Entertainment Branch,Old Custom House, 3rd floor, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.

F) Time limit within which the permission will be delivered : 7 days

G) Complaint Redressal Authority :

  1. Collector of Mumbai City
  2. Addl. Collector, Mumbai City
  3. Dy. Collector, Entertainment Tax, Mumbai City