Citizen Services:--> How to Obtain Fifteen Years Stay Certificate

  1. Introduction : This certificate is issued to those who prove that they have been continuously staying in Maharashtra State for a period of 15 years.
    The Certificate is essential for following purposes -
    • For getting preference in admission to Medical, Pharmacy & Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra
    • For obtaining Driving Badge from Regional Transport Authorities
    • For obtaining Flat/Plots from Government Quota
  2. Under What Act/Rules/Govt. orders the Certificate is issued :
      Education purpose
    • Govt. of Maha. Revenue & Forest Dept. No.MSC-1083/8161/CR-63/M-5 dt.27.5.1983.
      Taxi Badge
    • Govt.of Maharashtra. Home Deptt. Notification No.MVA-0289/613/TRA-2 dated 31 October 1991.
    • Letter No.RTO/M/(M) from Regional Transport Officer, Mumbai (Central), Public Badge/1991/O. Sr.No. 8494 dated 11.12.1991.
      MHADA flats/Plots
    • Govt. of Maha. Housing and Special Assistance Deptt. No.Allot/1089/5397/Desk-4 dt.22.9.1989.
    • Govt. of Maha. Housing and Special Assistance Deptt. Govt. Circular No.Hsg/1190/(9)/D-19 dated 11. April 1991.
  3. Whom to apply :Collector of Mumbai, Old Custom House, Fort, Mumbai - 400001, Ground floor, Single Window.
  4. How to apply :Application to be made in the prescribed form Affix Court Fee Stamp of Rs.5/- on the application
  5. What documents to attach :Certified copies of the following documents are required to be attached along with application:
    • Any proof showing 15 years stay (i.e. ration card, rent receipt, electric bill etc.)
    • Attested xerox copy of first and last page of ration card
    • Affidavit duly affirmed on stamp paper of Rs.20/-.
    1. For Medical, Pharmacy & Engineering Colleges admission School Leaving Certificate or HSC Exam Hall ticket
    2. For Taxi badge from RTO driving licence and domicile Certificate.
    3. For MHADA Flats/Plots certificied copy of allotment letter
  6. Where to submit the Application - Single window, Ground floor, Old Custom House
  7. Time limit within which the certificate will be delivered - 7 days
  8. Complaint Redressal authority - Collector office Mumbai City