Citizen Services:--> How to obtain Temporary Club Licence

Introduction :Where liquor is to serve in parties/lunch/dinner hosted in Star Hotels, Banquet Rooms, clubs and other places other than bars, a Temporary Club licence is required.

A) Under what Act/Rules the licence is issued :
Under Rule 48 A of Bombay Foreign Liquor Rules 1953, the Secretary of any club or any such institution or any person can apply.

B) Whom to Apply :
Under Rule 48A of the Bombay Foreign liquor Rules 1953, any person/persons authorised by the Club or Institution which intends to serve liquor temporarily in any special function shall apply to the Collector of the Mumbai for temporary licence

In case the Club / Star Hotel which is having licence, but intend to serve liquor in a special function can apply to The Collector, Mumbai City , Mumbai City Collectorate ,Old Customs House Fort Mumbai-01.
Phone No: 2266 4801

C) How to Apply :

D) Time Limit within which the permit will be delivered :
If the competent authority is satisfied that there is no objection for the grant of the licence, be on recovery of Rs.3500/- for the day, per function can issue the licence. Prior approval of the Commissioner of State Excise is obtained for the issuance of permit

E) Complaint Redressal Authority : The Collector, Mumbai City