Citizen Services:--> Income Certificates For the Economically Backward Class

Introduction :The certificate is issued to those who fall below the poverty line (i.e. those, whose income is Rs.11,000/- per annum). The Certificate is required

  1. For receiving financial assistance from the various backward class Corporations of the State Govt.
  2. For entitlement to get Govt. plots of lands/flats
  3. For getting admission in educational institutions from the reserved quota meant for that class
  4. For getting benefit of various social benefit schemes declared by the Govt. from time to time

A) Under What Act/Rules/Govt.orders the Certificate is issued :

B) Whom to apply :
Collector of Mumbai City, Magisterial Branch,Old Custom House,Shahid Bhagatsingh Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.

C) How to apply :
Affix Court Fee stamp of Rs.5/- on the application

D) What documents to attach :

E) Where to submit the application :
Magisterial Branch, concerned window,Ground.floor, Mumbai City Colelctorate , Old Custom House, Fort Mumbai-01.

F) Time limit within which the certificate will be delivered : Within 15 - days

G) Complaint Redressal Authority : Tehsildar