Citizen Services:--> Registration of 4 (2) (b) Permission for cable operators

Introduction : This certificate & permission is issued to the cable operator and hotel owners those who have got their own arrangements such as disk etc. enabling them to pay entertainment tax to the Govt. by due procedure & mode

A) Under what Act/Rules/Govt. orders the certificate is issued :
Under Section-4(2) (b) of Bombay Entertainment Duty Act,1923

B) Which office to contact :
Dy. Collector (Entertainment) 3rd floor, Old Custom House , Shahid Bhagatsingh Road ,Fort, Mumbai 400001.
Phone No: 22660385.

C) How to Apply :

  1. The applicant is expected to apply for registration certificate and permission u/s 4(2) (b) of BEDA ACT before he starts the business.
  2. It should be in the prescribed form and should be affixed with Rs.5.00 Court fee stamp.
  3. He should not be a defaulter in payment of entertainment duty.

D) What documents to attach :

E) Where to submit the application :
Collector of Mumbai City Entertainment Branch,3rd floor, Old Custom House, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001

F) Time Limit within which the permission will be delivered : 7 days

G) Complaint redressal authority :

  1. The Collector Mumbai City
  2. The Addilional Collector Mumbai City
  3. The Deputy Collector (Entertainment)